Originally conceived by Jay Eaton, Almost Real: A Speculative Biology Zine is a ~60 page magazine anthology collection of at least 12 different speculative biology prose and artwork (whose first volume premiered in March of 2018 on Kickstarter). Each entry is centered around the idea of rekindling the imaginative days of Zoobooks and encyclopedia entries into just-as-grounded science, but with more imaginative worlds inspired by the logical and plausible. We were met with resounding success and support for our first  and second volumes, Almost Real serving as a unique corner of speculative biology turned into a creative display of all the macabre, the mysterious, the augmented, and more. 

With text editing and interior design done by the editors, this collection aims to show off science's ability
to mesh with art spearheaded by incredible contributors, the Almost Real series hosting future issues centered around different themes, prompts, or environments that these speculative worlds live in. 

Almost Real's third volume will focus on "aquatics," with a hopeful Spring 2020 release on Kickstarter.


 As Almost Real's kickoff volume, this book covers a wide range of subjects and "figures" for readers. From a mysterious "tree" made for organ donation with the ecosystem that it sustains, and a "whale" that glides through thin cliffs to munch at succulent-like plants, this first issue aims to give readers a wide palette and an appetizer at what to expect from future Almost Real installations.


 Our second volume initiated the concept of "themes" for each issue- featuring flight in any shape, form, or feature! With everything from alien planets with creatures that "sing" in the heavens, to squids leaping from the waves and spreading their "wings," Volume 2 presents worlds that all are beautiful, strange, bizarre, and just beyond the horizon. 


Almost Real's third installment takes you from those clear skies and down into the depths below, with all entries featuring aquatics as their primary domain. Our contributors emulate the strange, surreal, and sometimes spooky life that can exist in the sea; from cobalt ocean symbiotes to sea-faring hominids millions of years in the future,

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