Beginning in 2016 and coalescing in the 2017 with the launch of the TABULA IDEM kickstarter,
Fortuna Media has been the shepherding work of EIC Mia Hye Mardikian, the assisted dream from multiple co-editors, and its works given life by the contributors far and wide. We took inspiration from the old Latin "Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat (translated to "fortune favors the brave") and made it a part of our namesake, as it does take no certain amount of courage to continue to create in the face of opposition. Contributor care, a focus on highlighting diverse voices, top notch internal design, and bringing unique publications to life are Fortuna Media's utlimate goals, and we strive to create and uphold these ideals with every title crafted under this star of a logo.

While none of Fortuna Media's publications are possible without the content of its contributors, the varying editors behind each project help bring that publication to life. From the mystical inner workings of tarot's secrets to the sciences that power fantastical flesh and blood, take a look below at some of the faces behind and helping power Fortuna Media.



Mia "Hye" Mardikian (@explodinghye, they/she) is a 26 year old
queer Armenian graphic designer, editor, and business/technical administrator in the PNW with a taste for tea, tarot, and replying to as many emails as possible in one day. A server by day and typesetter by night, they're the EIC of Fortuna Media that began with TABULA IDEM and manages side hobbies like the Pacific Arcana project, seeking to create cohesive, collaborative works that give worthy frames to the beauty that graces their micropress' pages. Find them battling tarot demons, learning about local ghosts, or talking about Star Trek at explodinghye.com


Iris Jay is a professional cartoonist and writer, who lives in Seattle,
WA, and was previously one half of the editing team for Fortuna Media's queer tarot anthology TABULA IDEM. She's helped kickstart four books and currently has a hand in creating three ongoing webcomic series. Find more of her work online at irisjay.net.


Nero O'Reilly is an indigenous Panamanian erotic comics-maker and illustrator living in Seattle, WA. His decade of professional experience includes working on graphic novels, making webcomics, sketching pin-ups, and reading far too much. Find more of his work at itsnero.com.


 Jay Eaton (@jayrockin) has been harassing worms and pillbugs, wondering how organisms work and why, and using science to twist existing creatures into troubling new forms since childhood. Graduate of ecology and evolutionary biology, denizen of the California Bay Area, and a habitual world-builder, Jay continues draw made up animals and harrass bugs, but professionally this time. 

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