Founded in 2016 with the launch of a tarot comics collection, FORTUNA MEDIA
is a micropublisher collective operating out of Seattle, WA, responsible for the
Almost Real speculative biology line, TABULA IDEM: A Queer Tarot Comic Anthology,
and the BOOK OF SHADOWS erotica artbook series.

Fortuna Media, as a comics and artwork-focused micropublisher, puts its contributors first in both a spotlight sense with regards to their content and personal collaboration.

Each installation of Fortuna Media's series puts a focus on diverse creators, aiming to  broadcast and collect the imagination and ideas of LGBTQ+, POC, and women creators.

ALL Fortuna Media works highlight individual contributors' work by detailed typography and interior book design, done by the EIC of Fortuna Media to highlight and uplift the creator's work.

Fortuna Media chases unique ideas with unique contributors for its massive body of work. Speculative biology? Occult-influenced erotica? Metaphysical comic anthologies? We got it.


A 22 story, LGBTQ+-centric comic anthology modeled after tarot's Major Arcana.

A 60+ page collection of fictitious critters blending the fantastical and scientific, inspired by 90s era publications.

An 18+, LGBTQ+ friendly artbook of spot-color erotica modeled after various, nefarious deities.

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